January 1, 2017 Success Stories

‘Not A Moment Too Soon’, FIT Hampton Roads

After two years of being open and working hard to have membership growth, I stumbled upon meeting Nathan and FIT not a moment too soon.

We had worked hard, my team and I, to build an incredible community within our gym as well as great team of coaches. I truly lacked in two major areas: digital presence and something to ‘set us apart’ in a saturated area of CrossFit gyms.

I am so thrilled to have ‘met’ this generous, top notch guy. He poured themselves into helping me from the moment the “go ahead” was decided.

Our digital presence climbed dramatically within less than three weeks thanks to their incredible expertise at this! Our membership was only five members shy of doubling in my first month of working with FIT Gyms. I am now in my second month and have grown seven more members within five days of our second month. Our new members and seasoned members are loving our new FIT classes! Nathan is a mastermind at programming these classes!

I am thrilled to share that I am so happy to have made the decision to work with FIT and Nathan. Their help, mentoring, and guidance has been invaluable. They are so great to work with and learn from, and I can’t recommend them high enough! I encourage anyone considering working them to give them the opportunity to chat with you… I was, and still am, in awe of their professionalism and enthusiasm to help others grow and prosper. After what felt like I was at a point of throwing in the towel (possibly), I am finally on the right path to achieving the success I had envisioned, and living my passion for helping as many people as possible on their fitness and health journey.

– Dawn Cone, owner of CrossFit Unparalleled / FIT Hampton Roads


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