Dawn Cone

Our digital presence climbed dramatically within less than three weeks thanks to F.I.T.

"We had worked hard, my team and I, to build an incredible community within our gym as well as great team of coaches. I truly lacked in two major areas: digital presence and something to ‘set us apart’ in a saturated area of CrossFit gyms. I am thrilled to share that I made the decision to work with Shean and Nathan. Their help, mentoring, and guidance has been invaluable."

Orion Tulchin

I was searching for a program to take my business to the next level. After doing some research I came across F.I.T.

"I reached out to Nathan with FIT HQ and was blown away by the support and expertise he and his crew brought to the table. If you are looking to add 100+ members to your gym or you’re looking to separate yourself from the pack, adding the FIT program to your Affiliate is a no brainer!"

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