About FIT Commerce City

Welcome to FIT Commerce City, a strength and conditioning gym located at 104th and highway 2 in Commerce City CO. At Anchor you will find a proven approach to fitness that will transform your life. F.I.T. is a lifestyle that encompasses all that is required to achieve a healthy, balanced life.

F.I.T. teaches techniques, partnered with exemplary coaching, proper nutrition, a safe environment, and attainable fitness goals are the tools we us to build a community of elite athletes. The emphasis on community will translate to accountability, camaraderie, and healthy competition. We will be open to all individuals with the desire to better themselves and who posses a willingness to learn. All programing will be modified to match the fitness level of the participating athlete and allow for achievement of peak physical performance. We take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing by addressing physicality, nutrition, and mental focus.

We believe in pushing limits, digging deeper, and working harder. We believe the only thing between you and your next goal is you. Find your inner strength and never settle for mediocrity. Show some passion. Constantly challenge yourself. Get focused.

Every program we design is measured against our philosophy. Every program will push your limits, keep you focused and get you stronger. Whether you’re six or sixty, just starting our or looking to compete, our programs are designed to motivate and produce results.


Website http://www.anchorcrossfit.com