January 1, 2017 Success Stories

Adding FIT to An Already Successful Box, FIT Grass Valley

We reached out to Nathan about website development just over 2 years ago and little did we know, it would be one of the best decisions we could have ever made. He helped tremendously with our website but what he really did for us was introduce us to the F.I.T. program and how we could bring it to our box. When we launched F.I.T., the results were almost immediate. The first thing we had happen was several of our previous members returned and new members joined, both were looking for something like CrossFit without the complexity of olympic movements. It was an instant win!

F.I.T is the program for those folks looking to do HIIT in more of a bootcamp style environment. It’s different from CrossFit. It can be more and less intense depending on the scale of the individual. We have many clients who say F.I.T. is way more intense then CrossFit and they love it!! We have several clients who now do both and feel by doing both, they are getting exactly what they are looking for in a box. Lastly, we have clients who do F.I.T. because it’s a better fit (no pun intended) for them as they feel more comfortable with the simpler movements they perform at their own pace.

From a business standpoint, we have seen about a 15% increase in people walking through our doors just from F.I.T. F.I.T has also created a certain buzz inside the gym where our CrossFitters are talking about F.I.T. and trying it out. Most of them say “F.I.T. is way more tough than CrossFit” which makes the F.I.T. folks just smile. Improved revenue, community buzz and more opportunities for our clients. We really can’t say enough good things about F.I.T. (and Nathan) and what it’s done for our gym. If you’re looking for another program to have inside your gym, F.I.T. is what we’d recommend.

Jesse & Andi Hodorowski FIT Grass Valley, Owners


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