FIT was created to offer an inclusive alternative to other high intensity workouts common in boxes and gyms around the world.

FIT was created in 2012 by Nathan Lemon as an outdoor workout group helping athletes prepare for obstacle course races such as Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and Warrior Dash. As the weather changed, the workouts moved indoors and the class sizes grew. At the same time, Nathan started participating in functional fitness workouts himself and realized the potential of the two programs combined.

In 2013, Nathan opened his first gym and in less than 4 years had grown to four locations in Colorado, with close to 1000 members. As the gyms grew, other gym owners also recognized the need to differentiate themselves from all of the other boxes opening up. FIT Gyms was created to help other affiliate owners continue with their passion for coaching while focusing on making their business successful.

There are close to 30 affiliated FIT Gyms across the country, all from word of mouth from other gym owners who are committed to make their gym business more FIT

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