F.I.T. Gyms Physical Fitness Workout & Training Program

The Hardest Workout You've Never Done

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F.I.T. Workouts

This isn't just another WOD program... F.I.T. helps everyone reach their fitness goals.

F.I.T. was designed to push your limits, keep you focused, and get you stronger. Whether you're six or sixty, just starting our or looking to compete, our program is designed to motivate and produce results.

What is F.I.T.

Intense Is Our Middle Name

You haven’t experienced a workout like F.I.T. before...

Our intense workouts are built to keep you moving for a full hour. Just when you think you thought you couldn’t be pushed any harder in a workout...

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A Proven System for Gyms

F.I.T. helps gyms increase membership and engagement.

Build a community around the F.I.T. program by offering workouts for everyone and anyone. The F.I.T. program gives you flexibility with what you already have.

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